PinOak Capital, and it’s private investment fund PinOak Partners LLC, have been established to invest in entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial enterprise across Maryland’s Eastern Shore and throughout the mid-Atlantic. PinOak is looking for investment opportunities that meaningfully unique, innovative, potentially disruptive, scalable and sustainable, from a business perspective.

We do not invest in retail, real estate ventures or lifestyle businesses, but are happy to direct inquires of this type to appropriate funding sources. We typically, invest for equity and will consider convertible notes with the appropriate structure. Requisite to an investment is the willingness to accept advice and consultation from our Members. We like to be involved with our investments in a meaningful way.

PinOak Partners LLC is setup under the US SEC investment club rules and nothing in this communication is intended to be a call to action or solicitation. PinOak Capital is a investment brand that allows for collaborative investments with other funds, individual investors and family offices.

What is Angel investing

Angel investing is an active and essential part of the American economy. In 2012, angel investors funded over 67,000 companies in the US and invested $23 billion in these businesses. 

Angels are high net worth individuals who are passionate about supporting start-up businesses and participating in this investment sector. Angels invest in start-up companies in exchange for an equity share of the businesses. These investors are seeking a return on their capital and an opportunity to have impact on the companies and entrepreneurs they select. Equally important, angel investors often add substantial value to the companies by sharing their advice, skills and networks. Without access to funding from angels, many of these companies would be unable to prosper and grow.

Much angel investing is done through organized angel groups whose members work together to identify investment opportunities, conduct due diligence, monitor the companies’ progress and provide support in many other ways.

If you are an entrepreneur or a startup and are interested in soliciting an investment from PinOak, please initiate a conversation with us.